Monday, January 4, 2010

I Remember a Dream!

I have to tell you about the dream i had this morning because I remember most of it and that rarely happens.
I was walking down a street with...someone nondescript.... and we came upon a man with a gun who demanded my money. i said something smart ass back to him, essentially daring him to shoot me. And he shot me in the left leg. Strange thing is, it really didn't hurt. Then I somehow pulled a muscle in my other leg (fell down??). We decided to walk to the hospital. Which was attached to a catholic church. odd. I don't think i was bleeding and strangely the pulled muscle hurt a lot more than the gunshot wound. We wandered around the church looking for the hospital entrance while a funeral was going on. Found out it was a children's hospital and they did not have emergency services so we just went back to the hotel we were staying at. And I think in the back of my mind during the hole thing I was on some kind of undercover mission.

This dream was probably fueled by watching 3 days of Stargate SG-1 were the members of SG-1 are invincible and critically wounded over and over but never die. because they are heroes and can't die. Who else would save the world? SG-2? The Tok'ra? I think not.


Chelsea said...

It's a New Year's miracle!

The question is, after all of that, do you think you had to pay extra for the bloodstained hotel sheets?

Kelly said...

LOL... I definitely think that was a Stargate inspired dream.

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