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Pattern: Chevron

This is more of a guideline than a hat, I'll outline what I did and how to adjust for different sizes. If you have individual questions or are having problems with the pattern, I would love to help you! Just send me an email (feistyroseATgmailDOTcom) or on ravelry (WouldKnitBeNice).


Pattern: Chevron
Specs: Hat in tunisian crochet using Chevron stitch (slanted 3x3 rib), crocheted sideways and then seamed.

J afghan hook (IF you do not have a afghan hook, take a regular hook and put a rubber band on the end, it will work fine(crochet hooks are 6+ inches long and hats are around 7 inches high), I've done it before with no problems)

Worsted weight yarn (130 yds ish)

Tapestry needle for weaving in ends

Tunisian Purl Stitch(P): bring yarn to front of work, insert hook in next bar, yo, draw up loop

Basic Afghan Stitch (BAS)

Stitch Pattern:

Row1: *BAS in first 3 sts, P next 3 sts* repeat between stars till end

Row2: P 1 st, *BAS next 3 sts, P next 3 sts* repeat between stars till end

Row3: P 2 sts*BAS 3 sts, P 3 sts* repeat between stars till end

Row4: P 3 sts *BAS 3 sts, P 3 sts* repeat between stars till end

Row5: BAS 1 *P 3 sts, BAS 3 sts* repeat between stars till end

Row6: BAS 2 *P 3 sts, BAS 3 sts* repeat between stars till end

Chain 32 (or more or less for shorter/longer hat)
Row 1: BAS (this is the foundation row)

Rows 2-11: begin stitch pattern, ending each row with one stitch unworked

Row 12: work to end of row then pick up each of the unworked stitches. Section made.

Repeat rows 2-12 4-5 times or until it fits around your head. Make sure you end on Row 6 of the pattern stitch so you ends match. its ok to do half of a section or end a section with out doing the full 10 rows.

seam up side(I always have ugly seams, so I won't tell you how to do it) and then pull yarn through stitches at top to close.

Experitment with different stitch patterns.


Laurah said...

Love this hat! I've never done tunisian in the round before, so I really want to try out your hats. The scarf is really interesting, too!

lea&izzy said...

How do you do the purl stitch on the return row? Just by bringing the yarn forward before yarning over? Maybe I'm just confused on this whole afghan/purl stitch... I'm trying it, but confirmation of what I should be doing would be appreciated!!

Thanks! Your patterns look awesome, and I'm excited for the hat and scarf to be done.

Becky Hargis said...

@lea&Izzy The purl stitch is a little awkward. You bring the yarn to the front, then hook through the bar, yarn over and pull through while tugging down on the piece to get the hook through.
There are some videos on youTube that are really helpful.

lea&izzy said...

@Becky Hargis: Thanks! I had figured out the tunisian purl stitch itself, just hadn't figured out that a row on an afghan needle is two passes (the forward and reverse) AND that the reverse is always BAS, with the "pattern" only being the forward row.

Can you explain how I drop and then consequently pick up the last stitches to complete my section? If I don't work the last stitch then it leaves a little hole, right? But how do I pick it up at the end of row 12?

Becky Hargis said...

It's not so much dropping the stitches as leaving them unworked. on the full step down row you would just work those stitches as if they were all part of the row and not down a row. It doesn't leave a hole.

lea&izzy said...

Sorry, yes, unworked is what I meant.

Ok, so here's what I was doing, and what was happening. I left the last vertical bar unworked and then did a BAS into the edge/chain. This left a little bit of a hole. I repeated this for subsequent rows, but for some reason my section is curving (as if it's decreasing). I don't think this is supposed to happen...?

And I'm still confused about how to work those unworked stitches in? Is it like I'm increasing to account for the "decreasing"?

Sorry to be so confused. I'm used to crocheting in the round on a regular hook, but this is my first time on an afghan hook.

Thank you!!

Virginia Schaefer-Ward said...

It's a really lovely you do videos? I am new to the whole crocheting/knitting world and I learn better if I see it.

Sabrina Ghyll said...

Hey love this hat, but a little confused are rows 1-6 repeated for rows 7-12, also when I unwork a stitch it looks as if its decreasing is that suppose to happen?

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